It's 2019 and Conejo Awards is the best awards, recognition, and promotional items store in Ventura County!

  • Jul 29, 2019

Conejo Awards continues to be the best awards, recognition, and promotional items store in Ventura County, in 2019.


Showing appreciation towards your employee(s) is key to growing any successful business. From presenting awards to handing out certifications, there are countless ways to show your staff the appreciation they deserve. Going to work only for money is great, but to be recognized for your great ability is even better. Some would say, "appreciation and recognition sometimes is worth more than money." In fact, that "some," stemmed from a study done by officevibe, where 82% of employees want recognition, not an increase in salary.

Conejo Awards has the quality product and experience in creating the perfect token of appreciation. From a Freestanding Lucite Block to a beautiful Cyan Swirl Crystal, Conejo Awards of Thousand Oaks can offer pretty much anything that comes to mind.

Cyan Swirl Crystal Award


There does not need to be an end of the year party to hand out a certificate or award. This can be done on a weekly or even daily basis. In that case, crystal awards would not be necessary. A Custom Hard Enamel Cloisonne Pin would do just the trick. The pins are even considered "jewelry quality," and so nice for any pre-day or pre-shift meeting. These type of awards can kick start enthusiasm into any employee at the beginning of the day. Imagine what kind of production from your team would look like? 

Here are five great statistics behind showing recognition at work:

1. According to a recent report by Gallup, teams that are engaged and shown appreciation show 20% more profitability.
Conejo Awards offers recognition items for workplaces in Ventura County

2. Salesforce ran a poll and showed that employees who feel their voice and opinions matter, are almost five times more likely to feel empowered to do their best job.

Awards and trophies in Camarillo, Oxnard and Thousand Oaks can be found at Conejo Awards

3. Did you know that according to The Engagement Institute employees who have "checked out" or are not with the program, cost companies here in the U.S., up to $550 billion a year?

Engage with your employees using trophies, certificates and other promotional items. This can all be found at Conejo Valley in Ventua County.

4. Forbes stated that 36% of employees left their job due to little recognition.

Conejo Valley offers promotional items and trophies in Westlake Village, Camarillo and the surrounding areas.

5. This statistic is mind blowing: Half of the United States employees are not happy with their jobs. Read more about it at Conference Board's last survey.

 Trophies and Gifts can be found at Conejo Awards in Ventura County

It is important to understand that, over time and as we pass through new generations, different forms of recognition are wanted. Is it through plaques, medals, certificates? It all depends, but the most important part to understand with all this is that people want to be recognized. Yes, awards are important. Certificates and plaques are well received. Ensure that your company is on top of it and is making sure to give praise when and where praise is due.

If your company is anywhere in the United States, and you are looking for quality awards, trophies or other types of promotional items, then please contact Conejo Awards today at 805-497-3800.

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